Teeth Whitening Services

Q: What whitening services do you offer?


At Rotunda Dental, we give you options to whiten your smile that fit your unique situation. For patients who want a whiter smile quickly, Sinsational Smiles, an in-office treatment, offers noticeable results in 20 minutes. Those who need the convenience of at-home treatment may prefer our professional, take-home teeth bleaching kits.

Q: What are the benefits of Sinsational Smiles Whitening system?


A 20-minute procedure, Sinsational Smiles produces substantial results after just one treatment. It is a great solution for patients in need of a brighter smile quickly or who do not have the time to conduct at-home treatments. A Sinsational Smile treatment also includes a whitening pen to use for touch ups or in between procedures to lengthen results of your bright smile.

Q: What are the benefits of at-home treatment?


An at-home treatment gives you the option of whitening your teeth when it is most convenient for you. Whiten your teeth on your commute, before bed, during your morning routine, while walking the dog, or any time whitening best fits your schedule. Our take-home whitening kits include a whitening tray that fits the exact shape of your smile, for optimal adhesion of the bleaching solution. Just two visits to our Rotunda dental office will prepare you with the equipment you need to whiten your teeth at home.

Q: How are these treatments different from store-bought whitening treatments?


Professional-strength whitening treatments produce superior results to over-the-counter treatments, because they go beyond the surface of the tooth to eliminate stains. Over time, staining penetrates the enamel of a tooth and stains become deeply seated. Weaker, over-the-counter teeth-whitening treatments only treat the stains on top of the enamel.

How long do these whitening treatments last?

Depending on your lifestyle, whitening treatments can stay bright for a substantial amount of time; however, they are not permanent. To keep your whites pearly, continue twice-daily brushing and avoid drinking dark beverages. Cut out tobacco, as well. Sinsational Smile treatments come with a touch up pen, and we offer refills that will let you indefinitely maintain your bright white smile.

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